What I Can Do For You

Home Visits

Seeing someone's kitchen can offer a true glimpse into their lifestyle and even health. Whether it is teaching you recipes or techniques, helping you decipher labels and clearing out your pantry of foods that may be doing more harm than good, or just using your home as a place to meet and talk, home visits have a lot to offer.


Grocery Store Appointments

Sometimes knowing how to shop can be the first step to knowing how to eat. For a place we go to on a regular place, the grocery store can feel overwhelming. I help you take the confusion out of each aisle and department.


Diet Analysis

Taking a food journal you keep, I give you an analysis that includes insight into the values of vitamins, minerals, calories and macronutrients, helping to figure out areas of improvement in your diet.


Family Sessions

Sometimes it can take meeting the whole family to get them on board. Nutritional changes can have amazing impacts on the youngest to the oldest in the house.




“I followed your nutritional advice and lost 15 lbs between April and July! And I've kept it all off since then... Essentially I am no longer insulin resistant! Thank you so much! I believe (and so does my doctor) that a large part of this is due to my weight loss, which I was able to do with your help.”


“Maya was a pleasure to work with. She analyzed my eating patterns and nutrient deficiencies and suggested some practical recommendations for me. She understands how to work with people in a way that is realistic for one’s life and takes into consideration one's time, budget, knowledge and needs.”



Initial Consultation: 1.5 hours - $90


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour - $65

15-minute Phone Consultation - free

“Maya used a process that was informative and supportive and it motivated me to implement her ideas. I have been extremely satisfied with the suggestions she has encouraged me to try.”


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