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Hello there.

Maya Strausberg, a Master Nutrition Therapist with a background in journalism and publishing
Spring Onion

My Story

After college, I jumped headfirst into journalism and publishing, finding my footing at small town newspapers, big city newswires, neighborhood directories and specialized publishing companies.

But after taking time off to have my daughter, I felt pulled in a brand new direction.

I went back to school (something I never thought would happen) to study nutrition. Thanks to my daughter, I was drawn to specialize in fertility, pregnancy and early childhood nutrition. I especially loved working with families.

But after doing that for years, my old skills were begging to be utilized again. And I answered the call.

For the last couple years, I have been combining my writing and editing skills with those in nutrition and health to provide much-needed services for other practitioners, from nutritionists and acupuncturists to doctors and health coaches.

I truly feel like I've found the perfect balance of what I have to offer and where my passion lies. Now, I can bring these experiences and journeys together to help you grow your business and practice... organically.


I'm always looking for practitioners who need my help. Let's connect.


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